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Contemporary Rustic Residence in Idaho, USA

The project entails the creation of a contemporary, high-efficiency residence characterized by a warm rustic interior to suit the client’s lifestyle. The design addresses the challenging local weather conditions, emphasizing energy efficiency and a seamless connection with the surroundings.

Design Concept

A segmented building configuration was proposed by the clients to address harsh weather conditions, with strategic breaks disrupting winds. The residence features approximately 4,000 ft² of conditioned space and 1,100 ft² of garage/workshop space, utilizing an eco-friendly building solution for sustainability.

Climate Considerations

The design takes into account the outdoor-centric lifestyle and varied weather conditions, aiming to provide a comfortable living environment throughout the seasons.

Spatial Configuration

The residence comprises three modules. Module 1 includes the master suite and relaxation areas, emphasizing a clear demarcation of private spaces. Module 2 serves as the public zone for entertaining guests, featuring a high ceiling spaces. Module 3 incorporates a couple of guest suites and a library.

Site Planning

The site plan is strategically aligned with the orientation of the main structure, utilizing existing circulation patterns. The design frames the entrance and proposed deck areas for visual privacy and security. Sustainable features, such as a sun trellis and ample roof area for solar energy collection, are integrated.

Entrance and Views

The primary entrance is strategically positioned for security and visual connection with approaching guests. A landscaped courtyard limits guest access, and the design ensures a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. The prominence of certain architectural elements reinforces the visual identity of the home.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Carefully positioned decks enhance the connection with nature, providing additional living spaces. Varied window glazing options on specific facades, along with engineered shading, contribute to the overall design. Private outdoor spaces, including a deck for the guest suite, add personalized elements to the project.

This contemporary rustic residence combines aesthetic appeal with a high-efficiency footprint, addressing the specific needs of the client and the challenges posed by the local environment. The design not only provides a comfortable living space but also integrates sustainable practices, making it a harmonious retreat for the homeowner.


Chris & Tania


Custom design by client




April 2024