- bare bones -

Construction system

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All to get you to lock up stage

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model GIA (sqft) Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Price Price
Breakout 527 1 1 $59,990 POA POA
Expression 538 1 1 $64,885 POA POA
Independence 538 1 1 $59,990 POA POA
Escape 807 1 1 $91,225 POA POA
Freedom 635 2 1 $83,000 POA POA
Embrace 753 2 1 $91,323 POA POA
Tranquility 926 2 1 $87,896 POA POA
Serendipity 1227 3 2 $123,913 POA POA
Ambience 1550 3 2 $134,488 POA POA
Serenity 1292 3 2 $132,725 POA POA
Vibrance 2153 3, 4, 5 2, 3 $165,625 POA POA
Ambition 2594 3, 4 2, 4 $174,438 POA POA

- bare bones -

Best choice for those who want to hire a local builder or build as owner builder and source their own materials to finish off the home.

Use locally produced or reclaimed building materials and make your project super sustainable! You’re our hero!

- essentials -

Are you an experienced DIYer but not sure about tackling the whole project? This is the perfect option for owner builders!

We supply all the required material directly to your site when needed, you (or local tradesmen) do the work.

- peace of mind -

Give us your brief and we will plan, design & build your ecokit home. With various finishes to choose from, you can really make it your own.

For a stress free project, let us do the hard work. Enjoy peace of mind while we take care of absolutely everything!

*Turn key delivery is based on our “Mainstream” Inclusions. You will have the option to upgrade/downgrade during our selections process. Upgrades, site works, foundations, decking, pergola, car port / garage, transport to site and cost of additional technologies are calculated per project.

Are there more plans?

Those concept designs above are mainly a starting point for your project. We can and actually prefer working with you on a custom design that suits your site, your lifestyle and your requirements.

Just tell us what you want and our designer will work with you on your dream home!


We offer a 10% discount on orders of 3 and more units.


Let’s Build Something Together