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Ecokit was appointed to design, manufacture and deliver two cabins for eco-tourist accommodation compliant with the eco-farm values.

The main criteria for the client were short time of building (up to 2 months), no use of heavy machinery, top quality healthy building materials. Minimal operating costs and positive environmental impact were also high on the agenda.


Jindabyne, NSW, Australia


June – July 2018


Avonside Alpine Estate


The relationship between architecture and the building industry is often neglected. Often, nature is destroyed because of new building. But this often proves to be counterproductive and natural elements then have to be costly revitalized. Thus, ecokit homes count much more on interconnection with nature and doing the best to avoid destroying the natural environment as much as possible.


Air quality needs to be taken into account when building a house, no matter where in the world. The fact that our house sits far from the chimneys of factories and dense urban traffic, is not automatically a guarantee that we will breathe clean and fresh air. It is necessary to pay attention to it and ventilate regularly. For Jindabyne project, we decided for brand new Velux Integra ventilation system.

With Velux Integra remote-controlled roof windows you can air out with a single touch of the control pad whenever you feel the need. If you’re busy, you can also enjoy automatic airing by using the pre-defined programs. Whatever way, airing is a breeze.


To reduce the energy intensity of housing, it is clear that the new buildings of future will be forced to make the most of all available renewable energy sources at their disposal. However, the energy produced by RES (renewable energy sources) needs to be properly managed. And how to make the house as economical as possible?

Already today we can regularly meet systems that turn rainwater (and so-called grey water) into utility water and allow it to be reused, for example, in laundry or toilet flushing.

In the future, however, we will also encounter much more advanced systems in common family systems that can turn polluted water back to 100% drinking.

Indeed, similar systems already operate in Singapore, for example, which, due to its location, is forced to manage drinking water as far as possible and recycle it as much as possible.


The internal finishes were completed by the client in the months following the assembly and exterior completion. You can see the result at Avonside Alpine Estate, where the client offers Eco Farm Stay in ecokit cabins.


I am proud to be part of a team, building a company that utilises technologies to provide healthy, comfortable homes that are environmentally friendly. Everyday I get the opportunity to collaborate with like minded people, who believe in ecokit's vision & mission and this provides me enormous gratification.

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